"Wired For Authenticity retools us with practical examples & how-to knowledge in self-awareness, open-mindedness, inquisitiveness, engagement, and empowerment."

~ Donald Fan, Senior Director, Global Office Of Diversity at Walmart

About The Book

Wired for Authenticity offers a practical tool-kit for leaders who seek both authenticity and adaptability in a 24/7 dynamic workplace.

Through the introduction of seven practices of authenticity, the book defines authenticity as a choice we make in each moment that inspires our fullest self-expression for the benefit of the people we lead. It proposes that we’re biologically Wired for Authenticity; it’s good for our well-being and inspires experiential learning via experimentation and application.

The seven practices help us evolve as leaders to be authentic and trusted, as well as agile and adaptive. This book comes with online tools to achieve goals, take action, learn, share, create community, and celebrate success.

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By Henna Inam

Praise For This Book

  • "In Wired for Authenticity, Henna Inam re-introduces us to our original nature and offers practices to bring that authentic person to life. When our true selves show up to work, we can better connect with our teams, colleagues, family and friends. Even more powerful, we give those around us permission to do the same. It is contagious."
    ~ Kathleen Ciaramello, President Of National Food Service & On-Premise Refreshments At Coca-Cola
  • "Wired for Authenticity is the definitive guide to your journey of self-awareness. Along the way, you will meet the colorful cast of characters that inhabit and inhibit you, and you will develop the skills you need to recognize, confront, and influence outcomes. Henna Inam’s vulnerable and irreverent style will enable you to unleash your inner authentic self. "
    ~ Alex Wellen, Chief Product Officer At CNN
  • "Wired for Authenticity goes to the heart of what is most critical for enduring leadership impact: becoming the author of our life and our leadership. It is full of pragmatic and profound insights critical for leadership success today. "
    ~ Kevin Cashman, CEO & Executive Development At Korn Ferry
  • "When people work with a positive mindset, productivity improves. Our own mind can either sabotage our efforts or be our best friend and ally. Henna Inam expertly coaches us to those better voices. Get inspired by her book, call out your saboteurs, rally your allies, and reach your full potential."
    ~ Shirzad Chamine, NY Times Bestselling Author Of Positive Intelligence
  • "Talent retention lies at the heart of great and sustained performance. Trust in leadership is more important than ever in keeping your best from leaving. Henna Inam provides us with a guide on how authentic leaders can create environments where talent will want to bring their best, stay, and flourish."
    ~ Ann-Marie Campbell, Southern Division President At Home Depot

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We believe your role is vital as a leader in shaping your world. The following complimentary resources are provided to help you grow and transform your leadership.

Wired For Authenticity

About Henna Inam

Henna Inam is a sought after speaker, successful author, and CEO of Transformational Leadership Inc. Her unique workshops, tools, and online community help managers create innovative, engaged teams that drive measurable results.

Henna and her global partner team work with Fortune 500 companies to deliver executive coaching, leadership development, and team workshops. Clients include Coca-Cola, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, CNN, and Bank of America. Prior to starting her company, Henna worked for 20 years at Procter & Gamble and Novartis. She has lived or worked across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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Wired For Authenticity

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In this dynamic book Henna Inam shares proven strategies based on neuroscience research and her work as an executive coach and speaker, with clients who are executives in Fortune 500 companies.

The practical tools she shares in this book have worked for her clients and can help you:

  • Practice a new model of authenticity to be more trusted and agile and less overwhelmed.
  • Experience greater success and fulfillment in your leadership, workplace, and life.
  • Engage and influence clients, peers, and bosses more powerfully.
  • Lead team members with more inspiration and ease.

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